Get Your Videos Organized, Part 2

This is part 2 of "Get Your Videos Organized". You can find part 1 here.

Getting your videos organized in great, but we know that Videux doesn't exist in a vacuum. Being able to integrate with other applications is important for several reasons, one of which is that it is useful in helping to get organized. 

Suppose you have been working with iMovie, Apple's free video editor, and want to get an idea of how many clips are in iMovie now. Perhaps you want to move them all over to Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro, or maybe just want to see what is there so you can free up some disk space. Now, iMovie is somewhat typical of Apple applications, in that it tries to hide the details of where your clips are stored. It makes a copy of your video inside of it's own project file; you can see this duplication for yourself using Videux's duplicate finder

Videux, however, can import right from iMovie. To do this, go to "File->Add iMovie Library Videos...". In the subsequent dialog, select your iMovie Library, which is usually in your Movies directory. Videux will import these clips, and will remember that they came from your iMovie library, making it easy to find those clips. Look in the filters pane on the left side, under "Projects/Libraries". Knowing that a clips is in iMovie can help you decide what to do with it. 

Final Cut Pro X works just like iMovie in this regard - by default. I say "by default" here because when you imported clips into Final Cut originally, you had an option to leave the files in place - in other words, to NOT copy them to the Final Cut library. Videux can deal with either situation, and can really help you see what is going on. If you look at the path for a file imported into Videux with "File->Add Final Cut Pro X Library Videos...", you'll see it is either in a path that contains the library, or is somewhere else on your disk drive. 

Videux can also similarly import videos contained in Premiere Pro projects. Use "File->Add Premiere Pro Project Videos..." to import Premiere Pro projects. Just like with iMovie or FCPX, you'll see that a project is added under "Projects/Libraries". NOTE: Right now, the Pro AS version of Videux cannot properly import Premiere Pro projects due to limitations of the Apple App Store sandbox. For Premiere Pro users, we recommend the Pro DL version which you can download directly from us. 

Videux can do more than just help organize your video collection - it can get your Final Cut Pro X editing experience a lot more organized as well. That's because Videux can send all of it's keywords and metadata over to Final Cut. The result is a more organized looking Final Cut library, making it much faster and easier to edit. To try this out, add keywords to your clips in Videux. The process of adding keywords is pretty easy already, and we will be adding more tools to make it go even faster. Then just select the videos you want to send to Final Cut, and hit "Export->Send to Final Cut Pro X...". Final Cut will ask you what library you want to add the clips to. You'll see a new event in FCPX called "Videux" (you can rename this or move the clips inside it to another event) and you'll see your clips imported, organized by keyword.

Videux can export to Premiere Pro or After Effects as well. Currently no keywords or metadata are sent, but this is something we are working on. Other NLE's are possible in the future... let us know your preferences if you want to see Videux integrate with other apps.