Easy Video Clip Trimming

Has this ever happened to you? You press start, capture a great shot, and then somehow neglect to press the stop button? So now you have 10 seconds of good video, followed by 30 minutes of the inside of your lens cap? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to quickly trim that excess video away without a lot of hassle?

Videux makes trimming clips easy. And because Videux is set up to work in batch, you can extract multiple clips from multiple videos, quickly and easily. 

Here's how to do it. First, let's trim a single section from a single clip. Easy:

1) Select the video you want to trim, and advance the playhead (either by hitting play or dragging the playhead) to the point where you want the trim to start. Press the "I" key (or select the menu item "Clip->Add In Point"). 

2) Then move the playhead to where you want the trim to end. press the "O" key (or select the menu item "Clip->Add Out Point"). 

3) Select the menu item "Clip->Trim to In/Outs" (or press ^T).

Videux will go to work trimming the clip. The new, shorter clip will be added to your library (to quickly find it, click the latest "Import" on the lower left). Note that the original clip is not deleted; but you can easily delete it if you no longer need it. 

To extend this, you can set multiple In/Out points, and Videux will create a trimmed clip for each one. And this works on multiple videos too... just do a multiple selection and you can extract as many trimmed clips as you want in a single operation. 

Here's a quick video showing how it's done: 

On Vimeo

On Youtube

Christopher Parsonstrimming